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Celebrate Your Me Time

Stitches Founder - Brittany

Brittany Lynch, avid crocheter, knitter, and entrepreneur has created the Stitches community especially for you. 

The Stitches community is here to INSPIRE and UPLIFT you!

Crafting is not “just” a hobby… it’s part of life… even a way to live. And it’s something to be celebrated… always! Sure, we’re here to give all you the patterns and classes you need for your crochet ….Everything from a massive library of step-by-step video classes, hundreds of patterns, on-demand skills workshops, and access to instructors should you ever have a question or need help…

But we’re also here to tell you that you belong here… with us and the hundreds of other crafters who are ready to celebrate your passion…Together we help each other create beauty… and the kind of peace that only comes when you know that you are in the group where you belong… where you have always meant to be. And perhaps most importantly, we’re also to provide you with additional resources to help you further celebrate your ME time. From mindfulness to yoga classes and breathing exercises designed specifically for crafters. 

It’s medicine for the soul and mind. And when you step into the stitches online community we want you to feel a sense of peace wash over you, a reminder that this is a place built for you. A place designed specifically to help you relax more deeply and enjoy this time with yourself and the craft you love. Because THAT’s what Stitches is all about!

Who Are We?


Let Your Crafting Find A Home! How often have you been excited about a new pattern, a beautiful bundle of yarn, or about mastering a difficult new technique…only to have nobody to share your passion with? The kids, the dog, the neighbor or your significant other probably don’t hold crafting as close to heart as you do… they may even question why you’d like to spend more time on it. Not here! Stitches is first and foremost a true community of like-minded people. We’re all crazy about crafting and we love sharing our passion and helping each other. This is your safe space where you can ask for help, get inspired, or just socialize with people who “get it”... it’s where you’ll always feel appreciated, understood… and at home with your crafting.   

From Our Members

What our members are saying...

What a great way for people to get a boost to their morale! I think Brittany is so kind to provide such a wonderful circle for people to join and meet and share thoughts and ideas with others.                                                                                            ~Priscilla

Love meeting with people around the world! So good to get new ideas for more projects to keep busy.                                                                                ~ Mary Ann
Great sessions beautiful crochet and knitting patterns. Thanks Brittany for sharing. You brighten my day                                                                                               ~ Carol

Great projects, awesome yarn prices & most recently the Yarn Club Social is keeping me sane!!!                                                                                                 ~Terri Lynne

Best teachers, yarn supplies at a discount place IN THE WORLD! Love, love, love thee gals and guys.                                                                                               ~ Ronnie

They respond in a timely manner and are extra helpful when you need help with a pattern. They also made me feel like I could do projects that I never thought I would.                                                                                                                      ~ Christine